среда, 2 января 2008 г.

Light bubble

Light bubble and Ball Lightning are the same
Phenomenon of Ball Lightning (BL) has not explained yet up to date. Above 200 various BL theories are known, their classification and systematization have been carried out but no theory can explain even approximately puzzling and intriguing BL behavior. Physicists can not imagine the object obeyed generally accepted physical laws which properties coincide with BL ones. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine the autonomous object which can feel and bypass obstacles, penetrate in rooms through window panes and narrow splits changing its form, can move against a direction of window, can not be blown up by strongest flow of air which speed is greater than that in the largest storm. The object radiated the cold white light which does not burn unlike the usual white light radiated any body heated to the temperature at which the body becomes white color. This is something which is cardinally new.
Authors succeeded to invent such object. The object is perfectly unusual and nobody guessed and suspected about possibility of its existence. Because of this the object has studied neither theoretically nor experimentally. Authors thought initially that such object can be a fruit of unrestrained or inflamed imagination. But under assumption a priori existence of such object they convinced that in accordance with known physical laws its behavior in the air atmosphere coincides completely with puzzling and intriguing BL one. After that all doubts about existence such objects in nature disappeared. There was the problem to explain existence of such objects theoretically. It is the task for which answer is known. In 2003-2007 above 10 scientific papers have been published in leading International physical Journals. In 2007 authors have published the book in Russian of 150 pages where results of their investigations are presented in a systematic form.
BL is a light bubble like a soap bubble. But there is a think film of compressed air instead of a soap film. White light circulates in the film in all possible direction and supports the air pressure in the film. This 2 strings describe BL physical nature. Unfortunately, a general recognition of new theories requires a long time comparable with life time of several people generation. To accelerate this process we have formulated on the base of theoretical results favorable conditions for BL production with the hope that experimentalists will take tem into consideration. The core of conditions is the following. The refractive index of optical medium (air) in the region where BL is formed must be maximal. These conditions are in agreement with conclusions of experimentalists that an erosive gas discharge is favorable for BL production.
Attempts of BL production in a laboratory have been undertaken in many laboratories in the world in last 200 years. Many investigators observed spherical luminous autonomous objects (AO) with life time from fractions to several seconds. They marked that AO properties remind BL ones. But they were not able to prove that the natures of BL and AO are the same. We showed on the base of analysis of results of numerous experiments with AOs that AOs are light bubble also and, therefore, AOs are BLs with small life time and storied energy.
Several setups have been proposed in the book. These setups provide conditions favorable for BL production. We are planning in the nearest future to carry out experiments concerned BL production on the base of these setups. We are planning to obtain not only small AOs but also great BLs like usual natural BLs.